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      2. Volume License Program for Software

        The Volume License Program maximizes your NI software investment by reducing the total cost of ownership and providing streamlined asset management to your organization. NI Volume License Manager (VLM) is a free utility provided with the Volume License Program to help you manage your software assets.

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        Volume License Program Overview

        Asset Management

        Small groups, sites, or organizations with five or more licenses of an application software package can take advantage of the Volume License Program. Enjoy reduced total cost of ownership and streamlined asset management while retaining all of the benefits of the Standard Service Program (SSP).

        Learn how you benefit

        Volume License Startup Kit

        Getting up and running with an NI volume license is easy. The Volume License Startup Kit provides three simple steps to guide you to success.

        Set up your volume license now

        Volume License Manager

        License Tracking and Asset Management

        License administrators can track licenses to prevent loss as employee roles change. Report data provides the information needed to maximize use of existing licenses. The VLM helps administrators enforce compliance with NI software policies.

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